About sections are always hard for me to fill out. Those of you who also detest talking about yourselves feel my pain, and that makes me feel better. However, as a fan of the "About" section, I am compelled to write something more meaningful than my previous post, which read "Eisenhorns makes stuff to look at", and while that certainly is true and its makes me smile, I assume that is probably not what anyone visiting the page was looking for. So, hopefully this is better:


Eisenhorns is me, David Hall. I'm the guy who does the designing and illustrating and whatnot. Since I was a kid, I've been constantly drawing and reading, always very curious. Anyhow, after snowboarding, playing in bands and working in a variety of industries, I discovered I just wanted to create neat stuff and work with interesting people. So, I founded Eisenhorns in 2010 and here we are.




I really like bubble tea smoothies, the new Panopticon record and nachos.